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The Benefits of Installing Gutter Grid

The gutters are both one of the most important components of a home and the most frustrating components of a home. If they get clogged, they may allow water to seep back into the roof. If they fall off or come loose, they could allow water to flow right into the basement. What are some other benefits of having gutter grid installed?

The Benefits of Installing Gutter Grid

  • Prevents blockages in gutters
  • Prevents damage caused by damp to your property
  • Offers protection against leaves, moss and other debris
  • Versatile and cost effective systems available
  • UPVC or aluminium options available
  • Installed to a high professional standard
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Greatly reduces stagnant water in gutter
  • Can prevent vermin from entering gutter system
  • Improves water flow through gutters and downpipes

Debris Can’t Get Into the Gutter

The typical gutter grid is topped with a fine mesh that allows water to get into and flow through the gutter as it is supposed to do. However, it will not allow leaves, sticks or dirt to penetrate the covering. Insects will also find it difficult to eat away at or otherwise get into a gutter that has a grid installed on it.

This means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning your own gutters or paying someone to clean them out for you numerous times a year. This could be reduced to once every year or two! Since you don’t have to clean the gutter as often, you significantly reduce the risk that comes with working on a ladder or any other structure used to access the gutters.

Ice Won’t Build Up in the Gutter

Snow and ice won’t be able to get through a quality gutter guard and clog your gutters during the winter months. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about ice dams and the devastating effects that they can have. In extreme cases of excessive ice, the gutter could come right off of the roof. If you see icicles forming on the side of your house, it may be the first sign that you have water issues somewhere on the roof. It may be in your best interest to call in a professional to diagnose the issue and take care of it as soon as possible.

Guard Against Rust

When a pile of wet leaves is allowed to sit on a gutter, it could cause rust to build up months or years before it otherwise would. The rust can then eat away at the gutter and cause it to pull away from the house or fall off entirely. In addition to the damage that rust can cause to your roof and other parts of your home, you will also have to replace the gutter, which may be expensive depending on how many lengths you need to replace.

Protect Against Fire

Dry leaves and other organic material can easily catch on fire and spread to adjacent areas with ease. If there are a lot of dry leaves or sticks in the gutter, it could provide the perfect material for a fire to form. Keeping that type of material out of your gutters can reduce the risk of a fire starting or spreading faster than you can get out of its way.

The gutters are a component of the home that are generally taken for granted. However, if they are not taken care of, they can cause a lot of damage to a home that may eventually cost hundreds or thousands of pounds to repair. Therefore, it may be worthwhile for a homeowner to have gutter grid installed as it can make home maintenance much easier.

Here at Cotswold Rainwater Services, we are able to professionally install UPVC or aluminium gutter grids/leaf guards to suit any type of gutter or gutter profile.

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