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Cast Iron guttering

Cast Iron guttering are generally more suited to traditional or heritage properties. Cast iron guttering systems are available in numerous different profiles such as half round, beaded half round, ogee styles and box profiles from several manufacturers including Alumasc’s apex heritage range, Hargraves Foundry and J & J W Longbottom.

Cast Iron guttering is strong, durable and vandal resistant, meaning they are a popular choice in built up areas, where damage can easily be caused. A correctly installed cast iron guttering system can last in excess of 40 years with regular maintenance. Cast Iron is a sustainable material and means that after serving the needs of a building for its lifetime it can be fully recycled.

Cast iron guttering is often the first choice for educational establishment due to its strength and durability. Cast iron guttering systems are the ideal solution for building or restoration in an architecturally sensitive

    Gutters are supplied in 2 finish options:

    • Factory primed with one coat of protective grey oxide primer – This gives the option for the guttering and down pipes to be finished in any chosen colour, many paint manufacturers have heritage colours in their ranges.
    • Also available in factory applied high performance, satin three-coat pre-finish which is available in a choice of 8 heritage colours

    Refurbishment of existing cast iron guttering systems

    Due to the longevity of Cast Iron guttering systems there is an option to refurbish a system that is already in use but is not aesthetically pleasing. Here at Cotswold Rainwater Services we have been involved in many refurbishment projects, where we have lovingly restored tired and rusty gutters and down pipes back to their former glory. Preserving an original cast iron guttering system will immensely enhance the character of a property. Original decorative features like hopper heads add further interest and can even bare an important date such as when a property was built or a family coat of arms etc.

    Our operatives are highly experienced when it comes to the refurbishment of cast iron guttering systems. They have a great passion to see a product come back to life.

    After a site survey to ascertain the condition of the existing system, our operatives will then attend the property to carefully remove the cast iron guttering, down pipes and fittings. We will transport the cast iron guttering system back to our premises where it will be cleaned of debris, quite often we use a blast cleaning method. We will then prime the system using grey oxide before applying an under coat and a minimum of 2 in No. top coats of paint. Once we are happy that the cast iron guttering system is back to its full potential we will refit the materials.

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