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Finlock gutters

Finlock gutters are commonly found in houses built during between 1950 and 1970. The concrete units span the cavity and also provides a gutter profile. In some cases they are formed into a lintel over the windows by inserting steel bars into the lintel trough and filling it with concrete.

Over time the Finlock concrete blocks become porous and the joints start leaking, the staining of the exterior walls and damp inside the property are very common symptoms. As a solution the gutters were lined using aluminium foil and hot bitumastic, but this method proved to be a short term measure.

Here at Cotswold Rainwater Services we have been specializing in the installation of aluminium liners to the Finlock concrete gutters for more than 40 years.

finlock gutters

A typical installation

  • The liners are produced from mill finished aluminium coil formed on site to the internal profile of the existing concrete block before being laid in continuous lengths.
  • New roofing felt is sleeved under the existing felt and dressed over the aluminium liner
  • Any corner joints are mitres, riveted and sealed to prevent the ingress of water
  • Outlets are formed into the liner and uPVC leaf traps are inserted through the liner to connect to the downpipes
  • Soil vent pipes protruding through the gutter are cut off below the Finlock concrete blocks and re-routed around the outside of the gutter
  • All corner joints and outlets are sealed using a Low Modulas sealant

As a finishing touch, we can decorate the exterior of the Finlock concrete gutter blocks using masonry paint in a colour of your choice. We can also renew the existing downpipes using either uPVC or aluminium downpipes transforming the appearance of your property!

For the DIY enthusiast or any self build project, we can provide a ‘Run-Out’ service for the aluminium liners and offer technical expertise to help you with your installation.

Finlock cut off

An alternative solution to lining is the option to cut off the front face of the Finlock concrete gutter blocks and install a conventional fascia board and guttering system. A Swish uPVC fascia board together with an aluminium seamless gutter will provide a maintenance free system for more then 10 years.

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